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Sarah Eastwood

I’m Sarah Eastwood and feel very fortunate to be an Actor having joined the profession in my 40’s after intensive Method Acting training, finally embarking on a career that allows my self-expression and creativity to flow which I consider a true blessing.

My life prior to being an actor has not been "normal" (whatever that means), but my varied careers, entrepreneurship, businesses built and lost along with personal life trials and triumphs have all led me to this path. But again I'm so grateful as I fuse my life experiences with my characters to bring authentic emotion and reality to each role.

That combined with my unique blend of passion, positive energy, humour, commitment and hard work to help writers, directors and producers attain their visions.

I believe in lots of things, anything is possible if you can truly see and feel it, trust in your instincts and intuition and to always follow your dreams no matter how out of reach you or others perceive them to be!

"If you change your beliefs you change your fate" - Bruce Lipton 

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